Jem posting: a notice of my name and gender

This post serves as a notice of my name and gender. I go by Jemma or “Jem” for short and I use she/her pronouns.

I considered writing a long post touching on transgender 101 topics, my personal journey, and the hopes/fears associated with being transgender. However, given that I am not a scholar of transgender science/philosophy, I don’t want to appear to speak for all trans people, and my story is not really that unique among trans people, I’ve decided to simply curate a list of links at the end of this post. The personal essays broadly reflect my own experience.

I ask that everyone reading this use my current name Jem (Jemma) and pronouns (she/her) whenever possible, educate themselves to at least a minimal degree on transgender topics (see References), and give themselves space for reflection on their own gender. If you are questioning your gender and find in-person support-groups/talk-therapy intimidating, unavailable, or insufficient, know that there are informal online communities filled with people who want to help.


This is not a comprehensive list. It has recency bias, it is heavily slanted towards transgender women, and does not really touch on issues of intersectionality.