Software I Use

Operating System

Linux (Ubuntu)


Zotero - For managing references

LaTeX - For generating publication quality drafts

Google Docs - For collaborative writing - Mocking up conceptual diagrams

tikz - Generating publication quality conceptual diagrams

Okular - Annotate pdfs without Adobe

Coding / GIS

RStudio - R coding

VSCode - For non-R coding

vim - Command-line text editing

QGIS - Interactive exploration of spatial data

GRASS - Geoprocessing alternative to closed-source Arcgis extensions


Docker - Embed and share a “computer within a computer”

Cyverse - Short-term alternative to paid cloud hosting. Gives admin rights (sudo)

imagemagick - Save yourself from click-based image editing

make - Record an analysis pipeline


KeepassX - Encrypted password manager

Evolution - E-mail program with easy custom filters

Autokey - Remap painful keyboard shortcuts for any program

rsync - File backup

Code training

Software recommendations